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Each project starts with an observation of the world around us. An interesting combination of shapes and colours created by Nature, a flower or a mineral or even a splash of water becomes an inspiration for a new project. Now when the idea comes, applying knowledge and experience, it is time to translate it to the language of ceramics.


The items are made of pottery clay. After shaping and drying, they are fired for the first time at the temperature of 930ºC. Then they are decorated by hand, mainly in the majolica technique, it means majolica colours and metal oxides are applied to the surface of raw white glaze. Finally, ceramics are fired for the second time at the temperature of 1060ºC.


The result is only visible when the kiln is opened. Matt and bright surfaces of paints, oxides, and glazes turn into colorful, glossy, and reflective surfaces. Now it turns out whether the creative intuition translated into the technology process gives the expected result. Each piece is unique. There are no two same objects, there are no identical decorations.

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